ONE GOOD THING: 16th January, 2019

For almost six years, I have been blogging, on a variety of blogs, most of which I now have deleted. But all this time, I have been blogging anonymously. I have always used a different name and never my own name. Yes, on this blog, I end certain posts with my actual name but let's... Continue Reading →


I still think of you…

It’s been ages since I last read something you wrote When I say ages, I mean years Maybe four or five It’s been so long that I actually forgot what your blog was called I had to scroll through a lot on my old tumblr account to find something That’s how long it’s been since... Continue Reading →


There are some things that we have always known, that we have always heard of, that we have always preached about, but sometimes some of us don’t tend to actually implement it in our lives. There definitely is a huge difference between knowing something and actually implementing it in your daily life. One thing I... Continue Reading →

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